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KRANTIVEER - Movie Review : A sequel which should not have been made. (Review By Bobby Sing)
26 Jun, 2010 | Movie Reviews / 2010 Releases

The first rule to make a sequel should be that it has to be essentially made within 3 to 5 years of the release of its original. Otherwise what is the use of making a sequel when no one can even relate to the characters talking about all those happenings in its original flick. This is exactly the problem with KRANTIVEER – The Revolution, because it has been made after 16 years of the release of its original, featuring Nana Patekar in the lead.

The movie starts with a full long sequence of Nana Patekar’s explosive climax speech seen in its 1994 release. But this time his words are not able to make any kind of impact because none of the youngsters watching it have seen the original Krantiveer which was a Hit. So the majority of the audience are not able to make their connection with the sequel at any level. And those who remember watching it, simply want to see Nana once again in the same role of a revolutionary. So that’s where the movie fails in the first place as it was not rightly planned at the right time.
Secondly, in the present KRANTIVEER, director Mehul Kumar is only interested in preaching and teaching from the first scene itself which becomes very irritating. There is no entertainment value in the movie and almost every character in the script is just willing to teach you a new lesson of patriotism in his own unique way. There is not a single novel plot or sequence in the movie as there was in its original. Mehul Kumar uses every possible reference to the current times ranging from Sting Operations, Hindu-Muslim Riots, Political Conspiracies and the power of Television Media to the recent Terrorist attack at Mumbai’s Taj Hotel. But in the process of using them all, he is not able to make even the slightest impact with any one of them.
In other words, KRANTIVEER is just like an empty glass in which the director keeps on pouring the water of patriotism without even caring that it is all falling out of it.
However the only positive solution he gives in the end is that people should vote intelligently and responsibly to ensure their own better future. But sadly the execution of the message is so poor, that it fails to force any viewer to remember it while walking out of the theater. The climax is the weakest part of the movie where the change in the society happens so easily by just throwing some shoes on the politicians standing on the stage. And also one strongly misses any worth mentioning or clap-worthy dialogues in the movie coming from the director who gave us the original. Hence, all those viewers who still remember the “Krantiveer” lead by the one of his kind Nana Patekar, are sure going to find this sequel like a strange and unexpected attempt by the same director.
In the performance department, Jahan (daughter of director Mehul Kumar) is pretty confident and strong in the lead role. But her scenes and loud dialogues are so “Manly”, that one misses the feminine quality of her character on the screen. Sameer, Aditya, Harsh and Hiten are just Ok with nothing great coming from anyone. The known names such as Govind Namdeo, Mukesh Tiwari, Farida Jalal, Aman Verma and Avtar Gill, all perform their routine roles as seen many times before on the screen. Ranjeet is fine in a positive role but Suhasini Mulay’s scene posing as the Lady President of the country looks deliberate. Amusingly Mehul Kumar himself can also be spotted standing right in the front of the crowd in more than five scenes, which surely did not look like an act of a veteran.
In all I enjoyed only one thing in the movie and that was the song where all the politicians are dancing with the foreigner girls. And another birthday song is also good enough to play at your family occasions. But everything else in the movie was simply below the satisfactory levels, considering the fact that it was a sequel to the famous Nana Patekar’s “Krantiveer”.
Ratings : 1 / 5

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